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Информация за връзка с Yettel, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

Profiling is one of the ways of processing personal data, in which analysis and assessment of specific aspects (e.g. risk assessment) is carried out or the potential preferences and interests of a natural person are forecasted. In profiling, automated means are used - information systems for data processing.

To prepare a risk assessment

The risk assessment is an automated check, the purpose of which is to show us how likely a person is to stop paying his/her debts to Yettel or to fall into a situation in which he/she is unable to do so.

During its preparation, an analysis of previous data for the respective person as a Yettel user is performed (if Yettel has such data). Also, the data of the person are compared with summarized statistical information about the regular and incorrect payers of the company. According to the Electronic Communications Act, in the risk assessment Yettel may request from other companies providing public electronic communication services information on the existence of unpaid debts of the user to them, as well as use the information in combination with the data specified in the previous sentences. Such other companies are, for example, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD with UIC 831642181 (Vivacom) and A1 Bulgaria EAD with UIC 131468980 (A1).

In case of a lower risk assessment, the person may be required to prepay one or more monthly fees (when purchasing a device at a preferential price with a subscription plan), to pay a certain initial installment (when providing a device on lease), to provide another guarantee or security, and in rare cases it is possible for the person to be offered a lower class device.

If a natural person is not satisfied with the received risk assessment, he/she may request their review by means of a written application submitted to a Yettel or other business premises from our partner network.

The risk assessment of a user who pays his/her obligations on time would be better than the risk assessment of a user who is often late with payments;
The risk assessment of a user who has terminated the contract with notice after its expiration would be better than the risk assessment of a user whose contract with Yettel has been terminated due to unpaid obligations.

For preparation of appropriate offers for users

Preparation and selection of appropriate offers for a user is made by means of an automated analysis of his/her data (e.g. data regarding a current contract, summarized consumption and others) and is based on summarized statistical information about other present or former users of the company. The purpose of such analysis is to establish what product or service would be, in our opinion, the most appropriate one for the user.

If the summarized consumption of a user of prepaid services shows a great volume of mobile internet consumption such user may be offered a subscription plan that includes more megabytes of mobile internet and/or may be offered to purchase a smart phone.

For internal analyses

When carrying out internal analyses customers are grouped based on their basic data, data regarding the contracts and their summarized consumption in order to establish the possible connection between their data and the use of certain products or services as well as to establish the reasons for refusals of services, switching form one type of service to another, or the continued use of the respective service. Based on that information Yettel develops its product portfolio and customer care, assesses company’s performance and plans its future activities.

For prevention, detection and investigation of abuses

For the purposes of prevention, detection and investigation of abuses Yettel makes an automated analysis of users’ data. Based on that analysis some cases of non-typical conduct are established and subsequently our employees examine them one by one to check whether an abuse is present or not.

In the selection of appropriate offers of Yettel partners, with the consent of the users

With the consent of the users, Yettel will select offers from its partners that would be useful or suitable for them. This selection is based on the processing of their personal and traffic data, including location data.
Refer to example:
In case a user has received several out-of-warranty repairs of a device through Yettel, he/she may be offered an insurance product of a Yettel partner.

Upon fulfillment of the obligation to provide information on the best tariffs, according to the Electronic Communications Act

In order to inform a user about what we think are the best tariffs for him/her and to fulfill our obligation under the Electronic Communications Act (see above), we must process his/her data, including by comparing them with summarized data for other users of ours with similar characteristics (e.g. age, current subscription plan, purchase history, etc.). In this way we can assess how appropriate a tariff would be for the user, in view of his/her aggregate consumption, current tariff, monthly fee, etc.