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Categories of persons to whom we disclose users’ personal data

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Personal data processors are persons or legal entities that process personal data on Yettel’s behalf and further to an assignment made by Yettel based on a written agreement. They do not have the right to process the personal data provided to them for purposes other than the performance of the work assigned to them by Yettel. The processors are obliged to abide by all instructions given by Yettel.

Yettel takes the necessary measures in order to ensure that the hired processors strictly abide by the personal data protection legislation and Yettel’s instructions as well as that they have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data.

Persons in whose trade outlets: (a) contracts may be entered into with Yettel; and/or (b) prepaid cards may be registered or refilled, respectively; and/or (c) liabilities owed to Yettel may be paid. Such persons are our distributors, trade representatives and others;
Persons who provide invoice printing, credit note and other services to Yettel;
Providers who provide “contact center” or “call center” service to Yettel.
Providers of courier services;
Providers of information system implementation and/or maintenance services, who sometimes need to have access to personal data being processed in the relevant systems for the purposes of provision of the services;
Companies for out-of-court debt collection which process users’ personal data on behalf of Yettel;
Providers of services of organization, storage and maintenance of users’ data archives as well as services related to description of such archives;
Providers of electronic certification services in case that electronic signature is used for signing documents related to Yettel’s products and services;
Law firms, accounting firms or other providers of consulting services.

When making a call or when sending a short text message (SMS) from a Yettel user to a person who is served by the network of another operator, data exchange between Yettel and the other operator needs to be effected in order that the call can be made, or the text message can be sent, respectively;
When a Yettel user uses the mobile internet service data exchange between Yettel and other operators of electronic communication networks and/or services needs to be effected in order that the service can be provided ;
When providing the number portability service from or into Yettel’s Network. In such cases the data are provided by the “donor” or by the “recipient” provider.

In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act and insofar as there are grounds for doing so, Yettel must provide information on the existence of unpaid debts to a user when it receives a request from another undertaking providing public electronic communication services.

Provision of data to third parties who acquire receivables payable by users from Yettel is described here

In order that Yettel can provide certain services to its users Yettel enters into contracts with third parties (partners). In relation to the provision of the respective services sometimes users’ personal data need to be provided to the respective partners.

When a Yettel user wishes to take advantage of the "Pay with Yettel" service, Yettel should provide data about this user to the respective digital store, for example Apple (for iTunes, App Store and Apple Music) or Google (for Google Play);

In relation to the servicing of payments made by Yettel users via bank transfer or via a payment institution data exchange between Yettel and the respective bank or payment institution must be carried out.

Where Yettel’s service center is not authorized to carry out warranty or out-of-warranty service maintenance of goods purchased by users (or provided on hire purchase) so that we can fulfill our statutory obligation to ensure repair or replacement at no charge for the user, or fulfill the user’s request for out-of-warranty repairs or replacement of goods, respectively, we use the services of authorized external service centers. In accordance with the requirements on manufacturers’ authorization the external services require that Yettel provide them with evidence of purchase (e.g. copies of invoices, warranty cards, etc.) in order that they carry out warranty repairs or replacement of goods. Such is also the case where the user’s claim is ungrounded but (s)he wants an out-of-warranty repair to be performed.

Yettel may also provide users’ data to external service centers in cases where such provision is necessary in order that an independent expert’s analysis be made with respect to a device being the subject matter of consumer claim, in case of user’s complaint and/or inspection on part of the consumer protection authorities.

Provision of data to competent authorities is described here

In case of Yettel‘s transformation as well as in case of transfer of assets in accordance with the applicable legislation users’ personal data administered by Yettel may be made available to a third party successor.