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About Yettel

За Yettel

Yettel is a new telecommunications brand, introduced in 2022, designed for the three countries where PPF Telecom Group’s businesses operate: Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. As a people-first brand, Yettel brings technology and connectivity in one place with a simple mission: helping customers reach balance in their lives.

Yettel Bulgaria, part of PPF Telecom Group, is a technology communications company that connects over 3 million customers to people, devices and businesses. Until March 2022, Yettel Bulgaria operated on the Bulgarian market as Yettel Bulgaria.

During its 20+ years of history on the Bulgarian market, the company built a strong track record as a pioneer in wireless and beyond, launching Bulgaria’s first commercial 4G network in 2015, the first VoLTE service in 2018 and paving the way for the development of 5G with the country’s first 5G network test. Yettel’s sector-leading approach to infrastructure has won four consecutive Best in Test certificates awarded by the global gold-standard benchmarking organization umlaut.

Today, Yettel Bulgaria employs more than 1800 people, operates more than 180 retail stores, and provides mobile network coverage to more than 99% of the Bulgarian population.

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Годишните доклади по Устойчиво развитие на Йеттел са отражение на нашия ангажимент периодично да отчитаме напредъка си в посока устойчиво развитие.

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Yettel е водеща телекомуникационна компания с над 3 милиона активни потребители в България.

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