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Here you can find brief information for your convenience and answers to some general questions you may have.

Manage your mobile phone number

You can manage your mobile phone number by using our service channels which are there for you to assist you.

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През приложението Yettel по всяко време можеш:
да проверяваш сметката си, колко минути и МВ ти остават
да плащаш както твоята сметка така и на твой близък.
да зареждаш предплатена карта, твоя или на твой близък
да преглеждаш предишни фактури
Сметки също могат да бъдат заплатени и чрез epay.bg, с банков превод, или чрез плащане на банкомат.

Към Yettel
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Онлайн магазинът ни е на твое разположение 24/7. През него можеш по всяко време:
да закупиш както смартфони така и аксесоари за тях
да закупиш различни джаджи за теб
да платиш за тях в брой или на лизинг
да си подновиш текущия договор за мобилни услуги
да си направиш нов договор за мобилни услуги

Към онлайн магазина
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Достъпвай бързо и лесно до каквото искаш на своя компютър в My Yettel портала.

Към Уеб портала
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Ако имаш въпроси можеш лесно да ни откриеш по всяко едно време на денонощието на нашия телефон.

Обади ни се

You need Yettel profile to access our digital channels. How to create yours?

Use your phone number and create your Yettel profile to access the mobile app Yettel, the web portal Yettel and the online shop on our website. No matter which digital channel you choose, just follow the steps for setting up your Yettel profile – it’s easy and we’ll guide you through each step of the registration process!
You need just one profile for all our digital channels!
Manage your subscription plan and the services you use, and you wish to use, track your usage and check the invoice you have, pay your bills; all of these functionalities are provided for you in our mobile app. Find out everything about the app.

Or download here:

Track your usage, activate additional services and check your invoice at the convenience of your desktop device by using the web portal. Renew your subscription or get a new one along with ordering the mobile device of your dreams from our online shop at our website
Yettel profile gives you access to many more services! With your Yettel profile you get access to some of our partners’ digital services - Nickelodeon, Kapital, Bookmate - in case you already have a slot for them in your subscription plan or you decide to activate a paid add-on for one of these digital service.
Your Yettel profile also gives you access to Yettel SmartAd – an app for broadcasting attractive advertising content in return for additional MB.

Extra services you may want to activate What else can you add to your subscription?

Access to our digital services HBO GO, PLAY DIEMAXTRA, Nickelodeon Play, Buba Play, Deezer, Kapital и Bookmate. If you don’t have a slot for these in your subscription plan, you can still activate digital services as a paid add-on. Simply go to the app Yettel or send an SMS to 1404. Check out the digital content we offer HERE.

Add-ons for mobile internet on max speed – for the instances when you have used up all the MB included in your subscription plan and you need more. You can activate such add-ons through the app Yettel.

Traffic pass add-ons for more megabytes for Chat, Social Media & News, Music and Video, which give you a set volume of MB (10 000 MB) for traffic to and from different types of apps without using up the MB included in your subscription plan. If a Traffic pass is not included in your subscription plan, you can activate a traffic pass add-on through the app Yettel.

Add-ons for international calls, SMS/MMS or mobile internet abroad while you travel and roam.

Find out everything about our various services which you can activate for your subscription plan in the mobile app Yettel or on the web portal Yettel.

Additional services which you can find useful What a choice you have!

Services for your new smartphone which ensure excellent care for the device you use. You’ve come to the right place - a wide variety of services for your favorite smartphone and for the old one that you don’t use anymore –. Find out more about our smartphone services .

Smart Tourist Insurance for you and your travel buddies while you roam the world. You get a variety of covered risks, you pay only for the days of your trip and the whole amount is added to your monthly bill at Yettel for your convenience. The best of all is that you can manage your insurance coverage on the go through your Yettel.

Online protect keeps you safe while surfing on the Internet. Activate easily using the mobile app Yettel.

Information about all Yettel offers all the time Where to find it?

We make sure the mobile app Yettel and our online shop are presenting our up-to-date offers and information about promotional campaigns and special offerings. These are the digital channels on which we share our monthly digital catalogue.

What you need to know to be able to track and check information about your monthly usage, invoices and bills

Това е периодът, за който се начисляват:
The monthly subscription fee for the plan you use
All the services which are NOT included in your subscription plan (if you used any)br> Any discounts (if they are included in your subscription plan)
The billing period is set with duration of one month and its starting date is the same every month. This starting date is called billing date.

This is the date on which you are billed for the usage of services which are not included in your subscription plan for the last billing period and the monthly for your plan along with any discounts you may have billed in advance for the upcoming billing period. After the billing date your current bill is reset. You can find your billing date in your mobile/fixed services contract.

This is the maximum amount which you can be charged for phone calls and usage of mobile/fixed services. The services you are provided with can be suspended when you reach the credit limit for your subscription plan. You can find out the amount of your credit limit easily in the price list in your contract or on our web portal Yettel.

The total amount of services used in one billing period until your invoice is issued.

Charging is about:
Phone calls and mobile internet after you use up all of the minutes and MB included in your subscription plan
Add-ons for additional minutes, MB, SMS, MMS, international phone calls, roaming, etc.

Your first invoice will include:
A full monthly subscription fee for a billing period after the invoice is issued
A partial monthly subscription fee estimated for the period from the activation date of your SIM card to the invoice-issue date after you signed the contract
From the moment you activate your SIM card and your phone number, respectively, until the date of issuing your first invoice, you will be able to use only some of the included in your subscription plan minutes, SMS. They will be calculated in proportion to the number of days from your card activation to the date of issuing your first invoice. From the moment you activate your phone number until the date of issuing your first invoice you will be able to use the full volume of MB per month included in your subscription plan.

Here is everything you need to know about your invoice

Check the due amount, current bill and remaining usage of services included in your subscription plan in your Yettel.
ПCheck the due amount, current bill, remaining usage of services included in your subscription plan and credit limit in the web portal Yettel.
Check the current bill, current credit, remaining usage of services included in your subscription plan with the service MyMenu dialing *123#.
Send SMS containing 10 to short number 1000. As a response you will receive an SMS message containing information about your current expense after the last invoicing without VAT (monthly subscription fee, discounts and lease payment are NOT included). We will inform you about the due amount of invoices, if there is any; date and time of last info update. The used roaming services may not be shown at the time of your request.

You can pay your bills easily and with just a few clicks online using your Yettel or in the web portal Yettel. Simply follow the steps for payment with your credit/debit card and read the instructions for a safe online payment.
Here is everything you need to know about online payments

We are always available for any further information!
Call us to support you anytime

Our Customer Service call center is always available for you – reach out by calling 123. We are at your disposal to answer your questions about the Yettel services you use. Please be aware that the phone call to the Call Centre is charged as per the subscription plan you use, and you can check out the price per call in our Price list.