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Deezer is a music streaming service that lets you listen to your favorite music while on the go or just relaxing at home. Through it, you have access to more than 56 million old or just-out songs, including Bulgarian music as well.

Listen to your favorite music - Deezer has a huge and ever-expanding catalog of songs and albums. Make your own playlists or trust the choice of Deezer's music editors.
Flow – personalized infinite playlist. "Teach" the application of your music preferences and Flow will play your favorite music for you. We assure you, Deezer is very savvy!
HQ Audio - sound quality without compromise.

And more - you can download your favorite music and listen when you're offline. Do you want to know what's in the song? With one touch you can see the lyrics and on which verse is right now your favorite artist. There are others, but we are running out of space to describe them. So install, register and discover!

Activate Deezer as an additional package


1 month


Through the
Yettel app

9,99 BGN

Activation Deezer
as an additional package


1 месец


MyTelenor app

9,99 BGN

Activate access to Deezer

1. Enter the Yettel app..
2. Activate the service in a position if your plan includes access to it or activate it as an additional package.
3. Download the Deezer app from the Google Play Store or from the iOS App Store.
4. Sign in by entering the phone number to which you have activated the service.
5. You will receive an SMS confirmation code that will be filled in automatically for Android, for iOS it must be entered manually.
6. When registering in the app, you should read and agree to the general terms and conditions of the provider.
7. If you have an existing Deezer account, keep in mind that you must terminate the subscription you pay for it before you start accessing the service via Yettel.
8. Enjoy listening!

Download the app from here:

Deezer is a music streaming service that is provided by a third party Deezer SA. In this regard, Yettel is not responsible for the availability of the website or application through which the service or content is provided.

The user has no right to distribute the service and its content to third parties, including for any commercial or public purposes, as well as commercial or public places.

General information

Select one of our plans that offer the opportunity to use the service by activating it as a service in your tariff plan. If your plan does not include a digital services access position, you can activate the service as an additional package.

With one subscription, you can install Deezer on up to 3 (three) different devices, and you can listen at only 1 (one) at a time. You do not have to pay extra for using the service on different devices.

No, you can download it for free.

In this case, there are two options - you can activate the service as an add-on package to your subscription plan, or switch to one of our tariff plans, which includes a position for free access. This will allow you to use it at no extra charge for the first 12 months of your contract and at a preferential price for the second 12 months of its term.

From the date of signing of the Total + Subscription Plan contract with a position for free access.

You can add an email address and password to your application account, which you can then log in to instead of using your phone number. You can also sign in to other devices with an email and password (for example, a TV, as there is no option to sign in with a phone number).

For mobile devices: If the device system language is Bulgarian, Deezer is automatically displayed in English. As iOS devices do not support Bulgarian, Deezer will also not show them in English.

For the web version: click the account circle in the upper right corner -> Account Settings. In the Language section there is a drop-down list where Bulgarian is selected and the Save button is clicked.

The Flow feature is all your favorite music, mixed with fresh recommendations and songs you forgot to love. The feature learns what you like and don't like, and plays an endless stream of music that has been chosen specifically for you.

Multiple sign-in and sign-out will activate account protection for 24 hours. In this case, you can sign in with an email address and password if you added them to your account.

The access you receive to the service is Premium.

Subscription and payment

Yes, you can stop renewal of the add-on package at any time through the Yettel mobile application or remove the service from a position.

If you activate the service in slot, you can use it at no extra charge during the first 12 months of the contract. During the second 12 months you use it at a preferential price of 7,99 BGN / month.

If your plan includes a free slot for digital services, you can activate the service in a free slot, and if you do not have one or want to activate the service in another slot, you can activate the service as an additional package. If the service is activated in slot, you use it at no extra charge for the first 12 months of your contract. If you decide to activate it as an additional package and have never used it before (in slot or as an additional package), your first month will be free of charge so that you can judge whether you like the service.

Cancel the subscription you are paying for Deezer. Sign new contract with Yettel and choose one of the tariff plans, which includes a free slot for digital services, or you can activate it as an add-on through Yettel mobile app. After that follow the steps from “Get Deezer” button.

If the service is activated as an add-on package, termination of access will take effect upon expiration of the current period for using the package for which it is paid. For example, if you paid for access to the service by June 20, and you stopped renewing the additional package on June 5, you will continue to have access to the content of the service until June 20.
If the service is activated in a position, deactivating it in a position terminates access to it immediately. Deactivating a service in a position before a month has passed since its activation will lead to the locking of the position and it will be marked as an "inaccessible position" by the expiration of this period.

The content of the service is available on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as within the EU for users temporarily traveling outside Bulgaria.

If the service was activated in a position and you have not deactivated it before the start of the second 12 months of your contract, you will be charged extra monthly for a preferential price, whether or not you have used the service.

There will be no change in your monthly fee for the entire contract period, even though you have not activated the line item service.

Technical information

No. The service is for personal use and only the person with Yettel access should have access to this information.

Yes, you can use Deezer on your TV using a Chromecast or Airplay device, or if your TV is smart, download the Deezer application and sign in with an email and password. See more in Compatible Devices and Technical Requirements.

Yes, you can download playlists for you to listen to, even if you don't have Internet access. Select the playlist you want to download and select the Download option.

If have you added an email address and password to your Deezer account, you can still sign in with your phone number.

To request a forgotten password, log out of your Deezer application account and select the Login -> Login with email address option. There you will see the password forgotten option.

For a forgotten email address, log in to your Deezer account with your phone number and from the Music menu -> Settings -> Manage my account, select the Change your email address option.


Operation System

Android phones, Android Tablets (Android 1.6 or a newer version).

Deezer does not support devices that have been subjected to an unauthorized software use.


Operation System

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and through the Airplay app (iOS 10 or a newer version).

Operation Sustems subjected to an unauthorized software use are not supported.

Windows Phone

Operation System

Windows smartphones and tablets (Windows 10 Mobile).


Windows 7 with SP2 and newer versions


Apple TV
Airplay device
Smart watches (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Android)
Voice Assistants

Look at the list with all supported devices here.

The device or its operation system version may not be supported by the application. Another possible reason is that your account is set up in a country where the service is not available.