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My Menu service

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My Menu service

With our updated My Menu service, available at *123# /OK, you can control your services and choose what you want to use.

My Menu offers you different options, including:
Choosing from a variety of add-ons, SMS and MB with different volumes and validity;
Checking your bill, used MB, used SMS and minutes for free;
Using and activating various additional services.

To enter My Menu dial *123# from the dial pad of your mobile phone and press /OK.

The menu with the available options will visualize on your screen:

Service Description
1. Internet paketi Add-ons with MB Yettel and add-ons with MB for roaming
2. Paketi s minuti i SMS Add-ons with minutes and SMS
3. Zabavlenie Other services like FunCall, Daily horoscope, News and others.
4. Proverka na smetka i paketi Checking of current bill, used minutes, SMS and MB, credit limit and Customer number
5. Uslugi Roaming, CLIR, settings for internet and MMS, notifications that the dialed number is not from the Yettel network and others.
6. Roaming
7. Fun call
1. Paketi "Ot-Do"
2. Internet paketi
3. Yettel paketi
4. Balans i validnost
5. Uslugi
6. Vazhno
7. Oferta za vas
8. Roaming
1. Yettel paketiAdd-ons with minutes, bundle add-ons with minutes, SMS and MB, add-ons with For Friends minutes- all within the Yettel mobile network.
2. Klik & NatAdd-ons with MB Yettel Klik and add-ons with minutes to all national networks.
3. UslugiAdditional services like Cash in Time, Cash Share, Time Share and Gift Box; notifictaions that the dialed number is not from the Yettel network; internet limit in Bulgaria check and entering For friends numbers.
4. BalansChecking the available credit (balance), remaining minutes, SMS and MB
5. Vashata ofertaYour offer

All you need to do is enter the number of the option you’d like and press /OK. The information requires will be visualized immediately on the screen of your mobile phone.

If you need additional information or help, you can always contact the Customer service line. From the Automatic information service at 123 and choose option “To contact a representative” The charge per call is according Telenor price list.