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Certificate Best in Test

Yettel mobile network was awarded with certificate Best in test after analysis of 31.9 mln. samples in six categories.
The excellence is measured by umlaut, a leading international mobile network measurement company operating in over 120 countries worldwide.
The certificate is awarded to Yettel for reaching 888 out of 1000 points, the best overall rating by the three operators in Bulgaria. Yettel also scores highest on the best coverage for both data and voice services, as well as the best coverage for 4G and the best download speeds.

Best in Test in Bulgaria

In collecting the data, umlaut made a series of data analyzes, collected from different locations in the country, before awarding Yettel Bulgaria mobile networ with the Best in Test Certificate

31.9 million samples

43 374 km2 size of tested area

24 weeks – data collection time period from W22 to W45, 2019

94.5% of the “built-up area” urban
50.7% of the “built-up area” non-urban

For issuing Best in Test certificates, umlaut uses consumer experience data from millions of users around the world in addition to traditional crowdsourcing-based benchmarking methods.

This innovative approach allows analyzes to represent holistically collected data from network parameters.

The analyzed data for Bulgaria, on the basis of which the Best in test network was appointed, were collected from real used services by independent end users of mobile operators in Bulgaria.

The evaluation and comparison of networks is complex, based on coverage, reliability and quality of the mobile services provided.

umlaut is the new name of the rebranded P3 Group AG, which specializes in network and engineering testing.
P3 Group AG has a history of more than 20 years, renaming the company umlaut in October 2019 and having over 4300 employees located worldwide.

umlaut aims, by conducting independent measurements and analysis of the data collected, to distinguish telecommunication service providers for their results. umlaut analyzes the quality of telecommunications networks through a set of criteria in more than 120 countries around the world, using a fully objective approach in its methodology.