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Read or listen one click away.

Love reading and you would like to do it anywhere you like. You want to read your favourite book, but don't have time. You are interested in so many authors, but don't have space at home for paperbacks.

With Bookmate you can choose between more than 1,2 million e-books and audiobooks from all over the world and you have access to them via browser, on your phone or tablet through the Bookmate app.The service include topics in Bulagarian, English, Russian, Serbian and Turkish.

Bookmate allows you to read or play a bedtime story to your child, to deal with a chic lite quickly, or to recommend a book to a teenager, With Bookmate you can immerse in the world of fiction or business literature.


The app remembers where you went, and syncing between the devices you can use allows you to switch from reading your tablet to your smartphone.

The application can also be used offline.

The application allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen, change the font or background color and enjoy the e-book in the best possible way.

You choose the genre you prefer and the application helps you to find new authors.

You are creating personal library (with the help of experts, friends and other book lovers) and you can browse and follow another book lover.

1. Go to Yettel app.

Go To Yettel app

2. Activate Bookmate in position or as an add-on

3. Make a registration onwww.bookmate.comchoose the option for registration via operator and enter the code you received in Yettel app.

4. Download the Bookmate app and log in with your user name and password

Foreign Literature

The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Elon Musk

Carrie Diaries

Homo Deus


Foreign language literature

The Silent Patient

Ender's Game

The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country

Maigret's Christmas

Bulgarian literature

Motoring Verses

If they could speak

Deep forests

Under the Yoke

Activate Bookmate as an add-on package


1 month


Through the
Yettel app


Activate Bookmate
as an add-on package


1 month


Through the
Yettel app


Activate access to Bookmate

1. Log in the Yettel app.
2. Activate the service in position if your plan includes access to one or as an additional package.
3. Click the "Download Bookmate" button if you have not installed the application.
4. The Download Bookmate button takes you to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store where you need to download the app.
5. Once you have Bookmate installed, log in to the application by selecting the option "Sign in with Yettel".
6. Upon entering the application you should confirm your phone number with the code you will receive with SMS.
7. There you should familiarize yourself with the general conditions of the application vendor to accept them.
8. If you have an existing Bookmate account, keep in mind that you must terminate the subscription you pay for it before you can access Yettel service.
9. Enjoy the content.

Download the application from here:

Bookmate is a mobile book reading and listening service provided by a third party, Bookmate Limited. In this regard, Yettel is not responsible for the availability of the application through which the service is provided or its content.

The User has no right to distribute and provide the service and its content to third parties, including for any commercial or public purpose, as well as in commercial or public places.

If you do not sign out of your Bookmate account after using the service through bg.bookmate.com, your session may last up to one month.

General information

Select some of our plans that offer the opportunity to use the service by activating it in a position. Or activate it as an additional package.

For two reasons:

These books have been uploaded to Bookmate by other users, meaning they are the only ones who have access to them. You can upload books in EPUB or FB2 format and read them for free, ie. use Bookmate as a book reader.
Bookmate's contract with the copyright holder has expired. Once updated, you will be able to use the book again on Bookmate. To find out in a timely manner, click on the "I want to read" button.

Bookmate has contracts with authors and publishers. If you are an author or copyright holder, you can post in the app. To do this, visit the link: publisher.bookmate.com, sign up for Bookmate Publisher, then follow the instructions.

With one subscription, you can install Bookmate on 3 different devices, while offline you can use the service on three of these devices at the same time. If you use the service online, you can only read or listen to books on one device at a time. There is no additional charge for using the service on different devices. If you open a book or audiobook on a fourth device, the tablet or smartphone you first used to sign up for Bookmate will be automatically removed from the list of devices that have access to it. To allow or disable access, go to the "My Devices" section of your account settings. These restrictions do not apply to free books, audiobooks, podcasts, and self-uploaded books. These books can be read or listened to on any number of smartphones or tablets.

In this case, there are two options - you can activate the service as an add-on package to your subscription plan, or switch to one of our new Total + plans, which includes a position for access to digital services. This will allow you to use the service in a position at no extra charge for the first 12 months of your contract, and at a preferential price for the second 12 months.

From the date of signing of the tariff plan contract.

Offline you can read the books you downloaded. To download a book, go to its page and select from the three dots in the upper right corner the option to download. Do not close Bookmate until the book is stored in the memory of your device. This usually takes a few seconds. You can always delete saved books if you need to or want to. To do this, go to the book page, select from the three dots in the upper right corner "Remove Download".

Subscription and payment

Yes, you can stop renewal of the add-on package at any time through the Yettel app or remove the service from a position.

If your plan includes position for access to digital service, you can activate the service in a free one, and if you do not have a free position or want to activate another service in it, you can activate Bookmate as an additional package. If a service is activated in a position, you can use it at no extra charge for a predefined period, according to the conditions of your contract. If you decide to activate it as an additional package and have never used it before (in position or as an additional package), your first month will be free of charge so you can judge whether you like it or not.

All your books, as well as all the quotes and impressions, will stay where they are. You just won't be able to read or listen to them until you pay for your subscription again. Free books and podcasts will be available even after your subscription expires.

1. Make sure you are logged in to the account you purchased for your subscription. For example, if you logged in to the application through Yettel and then logged into your social network account, such as Facebook, you would have two different accounts. All you have to do is log out of your newly created social network account and log in with Yettel.
2. Reinstall the application or sync your library. To do this, go to the My Books section and swipe down.

If the service is activated as an add-on package, termination of access will take effect after the expiration of the current period for using the package. If a service is activated in a position, deactivating it in a position terminates access to it immediately. Deactivating a service in a position before a month has passed since its activation will lead to the locking of the position and it will be marked as an "inaccessible position" by the expiration of this period.

The content of the service is available worldwide for users temporarily traveling outside Bulgaria.

If you did not activate access to the service in a position in the first 12 months of your contract, you can activate it in a position also in the second 12 months, for an additional monthly payment at a preferential price of 6,99 BGN / month.

If the service is activated in a position and you do not deactivate it at the end of the predefined free period of your contract, you will be charged extra monthly at a preferential price, whether or not you have used the service.

Technical information

No. The service is for personal use and only the person with Yettel access should have access to this information.

Yes. The service allows it to be used without internet access.

The device or its operation system version may not be supported by the application. Another possible reason is that your account is set up in a country where the service is not available.

No, you cannot change the phone number for your registration.

The app is available on all devices running iOS 8 or higher and Android 4.4.2 or higher. You can also read the books through a browser. The Bookmate website works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Unfortunately, there is no special version of the app that is adapted for e-readers, but if your e-book supports Internet and Android OS, you can download Bookmate from Google Play Store. If the application does not work well for your reader, try installing an older version.