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FUN Call service


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FUN Call service

FUN Call FUN Call

With the service Fun Call by Yettel you can choose a favorite ringtone, which everybody will hear when they call you. When you choose music content available as a Fun Call ringtone you can purchase it directly and set up preferable settings for this melody. Before you purchase the ringtone you will be able to see its validity and price.

Browse our large collection of FUN Call melodies and choose which will change the standard dial tone

Why to choose Fun Call?

Those calling you will hear a melody, sound or other audio content chosen by you instead of the standard dial tone.

You can set different ringtones for particular people or groups of people, for different time interval, you can also set your ringtones to change randomly and in this way you will be every time interesting and surprising.

You have an access to FUN Call gallery with various and always new melodies and you can select between 10 music genres (categories)

Send gift ringtones to other Yettel subscribers

Have a private melody collection

FUN Call supports all handsets models

Dear customers, since 28.11.2017 the management of the service tgrough calls to voice number 147 is not available. You will be able to manage the FunCall service through mobile portal on https://my.telenor.bg/ and other channels for service administration.

How to activate the service?

The Fun Call service can be activated:

by sending SMS with text “start” to number 147;
directly with the first ordered melody. It is necessary to send an SMS with the code of the melody you want to purchase to number 147 in order to get the melody and activate the service.

How to deactivate the service?

You can deactivate the service anytime by one of the following three options:

Call the Customer Service Center on 123.

After deactivation of the Fun Call service all purchased melodies will be available in the system for 60 days. If after deactivation the service is not re-activated within 60 days, all purchased melodies will be lost.

Send an SMS with text “stop” to number 147.

In that case your profile and all purchased melodies and settings will be deleted.

The Fun Call service can be activated again at any time by one of the above listed options.

Monthly fee

Subscribers of the service have to pay monthly fee of 0,60 lv. up to 19.07.2021 and 0,79 lv. after 20.07.2021

For customers of postpaid services the monthly fee of the Fun Call service is automatically included in their monthly invoice and for prepaid users it is deducted from their available credit on each 31 calendar days. The monthly fee is charged automatically unless the service Fun Call is deactivated.

Price for purchasing a melody

Purchase a melody 0.60 BGN/ 1.20 BGN/ 1.80 BGN/ 2.40 BGN*
SMS to number 147 free

* The price of every melody, which is ordered or sent as a gift, is different and is available for each melody.
Prices are VAT inclusive.

Dear customers, since 28.11.2017 the management of the service tgrough calls to voice number 147 is not available. You will be able to manage the FunCall service through mobile portal on https://my.telenor.bg/ and other channels for service administration.

Order via SMS

You can order a Fun Call melody by sending an SMS to number 147, containing the code of the selected melody.

You can select and send a Fun Call melody as a gift to a friend. He or she need to be a Telenor user and to have subscription to the service Fun Call.

Each melody ordered via SMS automatically becomes a default Fun Call melody. It is stored in your Private collection, which can be accessed from the automatic voice menu by dialing 147.

Each new melody ordered via SMS changes your default Fun Call melody with the last one ordered.

If the service Fun Call has not been activated, it becomes active with the first ordered melody.

Order through MyMenu (*123#)

You can order а FUN Call melody by dialing *123# from your phone and select one of the ring back tones found in:

Zabavlenie-> FUN Call -> Porachay melodia for private customers on a postpaid plan;
Uslugi->FUN Call-> Porachay melodia for customers using a prepaid plan*.

*In the period from 18.04.2017 - 17.05.2017, every customer of a prepaid plan for mobile voice services can purchase every promotional ring back tone in MyMenu for the price of 0.60 BGN per 30 days (old price: 1.80BGN/ per 30 days).

Respective ring back tones will be automatically renewed as per the General Terms of FUN Call Service, for the same price for each 30 day period, unless the customer has deactivated the automatic renewal according to the General Terms of Service.

Promotional ring back tones:

Sak Noel and Salvi

Поли Генова и Графа

If the FUN Call service is not activated, the first purchase ring back tone will activate it.

Service management by dialing *123#

Besides ordering FUN Call melodies, My Menu provides you with additional opportunities for service management:

"Aktiviray profil" (Activate profile) – by choosing this option from MyMenu, all your ring back tones will be heard randomly when people dial your number;

"Avtomatichno podnovyavane" (Automatic renewal) - by selecting this option, you can set whether you want or not your ring back tones to be automatically renewed after their validity expires;

"Deaktiviray FUN Call" (Deactivate FUN Call) - if you select this option, your service will be deactivated. In this case, your entire profile will be deleted – this includes purchased ring back tones, settings, etc.

It is good to know that:

The maximum number of purchased melodies per month is 10.
The maximum number of melodies stored in your Private collection can be 50.
The maximum number of contacts that can be included in a group is 20.
The maximum number of single contacts that can be stored is 100.
The maximum number of melodies, which can be set for a group or a contact is 5.

What is a Fun Call bundle?

The Fun Call bundles give you opportunity to purchase more than one Fun Call melody just with one order. The bundle consists of several songs by a single author or a mix of Fun Call songs from one genre.

Order a bundle

You can order a Fun Call bundle by one of the following options:

Send an SMS with text “PAKET”, following by the code of the bundle, and send it to number 147.  
In order to purchase a Fun Call bundle with order code “5”, you should send an SMS with text: “PAKET 5” to number 147.
Select a bundle directly from the internet portal MyTelenor. If you have a registration to the portal, you can check the content of the bundle and order it directly.
Visit MyTelenor mobile portal at http://wap.globul.bg, typing the address on the browser of your mobile phone. After you have selected the Fun Call bundle, you can purchase it directly from the portal or send it as a gift to a friend who is also using the Fun Call service.

When the bundle is purchased, all songs from it will be added to your personal Fun Call collection as they will be no longer associated with the bundle. Each of these songs is subject to the same rules and conditions as the melodies purchased via WAP, Web, SMS or IVR, f.e. each of these melodies has validity and can be associated with a particular number or a group.

Upon purchase of a bundle (via SMS) a profile for incoming calls with be automatically activated, which will randomly select the Fun Call songs from your personal collection.

Re-order a bundle

If you order again a bundle, which you have already purchased, you will be charged according to the price of the respective bundle and the validity of the songs will be extended with the validity of the new bundle. This means that to the remaining validity days will be added the new validity days of the re-ordered bundle.



The Fun Call bundle has a validity term, which applies to each song included in it. If a melody is purchased, it will have a validity of xx days. However, if this melody is purchased with a bundle, it will have the validity of the bundle of yy days. If upon purchasing of a bundle with songs one of them already exists in your Private collection, its validity term will be extended with the validity of the bundle.



In your personal collection you have a song XXX with remaining validity of 20 days. You purchase a bundle that includes the song XXX and has a validity of 180 days. After the purchase, the validity term of this particular song will be 20+180=200 days.


Activation following the first order

If you still do not use the service Fun Call and order a bundle with songs (via SMS), you will have the service activated and all songs of the bundle will be added to your Private collection.

Prices of bundles

Each Fun Call bundle has a price, which is published and applies for the whole bundle of songs.
Note: the Fun Call bundles cannot be sent as a gift to other mobile number via SMS order!