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Automatic Customer Service

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Automatic Customer Service

With the new system for automated customer service you have the opportunity to manage the services you use.
The automated customer service enables you to:

Check your client number
Activate add-ons with different bundle of minutes, SMS, MB and duration if you are a prepaid customer
Check current bill or credit balance, available minutes, SMS and MB
Activate or deactivate roaming
Recharge prepaid number
Change numbers part of Family & Friends group
Activate CLIR function

In case you would like to speak directly with customer service representative and all representatives are busy responding to other clients, you will get a voice notification for average waiting time.
Please, note that all available menu options you will hear including change of tariff plan or adding services will differ depending on your current rate plan - prepaid or postpaid. For example, you will hear the option to add internet data as a package only if you are on a prepaid plan, otherwise the system will not speak out this option.
To use the automated customer service, please dial 123. The call is charged once and doesn’t depend on the call duration. The charge is as follows:

the price is as per current Services prices for prepaid plans
0,024 BGN with VAT for postpaid numbers

Attention: If you are in roaming the call will be charged like an international outgoing call to Bulgaria.

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