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SIM cards

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SIM cards

Check if your SIM card supports 4G by sending a short message to 144 at no extra charge.

You can now buy the phone you need or change it as much as you want without having to worry about your SIM card and its contacts. With the innovative solution 3in1 SIM you have different SIM cards in one plastic – nano, micro and a standard one, which you can change free of charge and without need to visit a shop.

For you

The SIM card is a chip, which is inserted in the mobile phone and serves for identification of the user within the mobile network. Some of the new models of mobile phones operate with reduced in size format of SIM cards, aiming to optimize the internal spaces inside the mobile phone.


Standard SIM card

The standard SIM card is most commonly distributed and is used in most of the models of mobile phones and devices.


Micro SIM card

The Micro SIM card is designed for new generation devices, which support this standard, such as iPhone 4/4S and iPad (3G) for example.


Nano SIM card

The SIM cards with Nano format are used in limited number of devices, such as the new iPhone 5 for example.

How does it work

SIM is abbreviation for Subscriber Identification Module and it stores data and passwords, necessary for the GSM connection or the UMTS mobile network. The card consists of a small processor and memory.

The main method for protection of a SIM card is the PIN (Personal Identification Number) code, which consists of 4 to 8 digits. In case of incorrect entering of the code for three times, the SIM is blocked and it may be unblocked by the PUK (Personal unlocking code) code, which is written on the back surface of the plastic holder of the SIM card.

The PIN code is entered each time the mobile device is switched on, except in cases when this option is modified from the device‘s settings menu.

In order to unblock the SIM card after three incorrect tries to enter the PIN code, you must:

  • Enter PUK1 and press "ОК"
  • Enter a new PIN code and press "ОК"
  • Enter the new PIN code again and press "ОК"

Warning: When entering an incorrect PUK code for 10 times, the card becomes fully blocked and cannot be used anymore.

How much does it cost

The SIM card is offered free of charge to all new Telenor customers of Postpaid or Prepaid plans

In case you wish to change your present SIM card with a Micro or Nano SIM card, you may do so after submitting a request change of SIM card in any of the stores of the Telenor commercial network.

If you are a residential postpaid customer, the replacement of the SIM card is free of charge in case it is defective. Replacement in case of theft/loss, damage or blocked PUK code costs 9,99 BGN. SIM card replacement upon your request (e.g. different SIM format) 6,99 BGN

How do I get the service

If you wish to use Micro or Nano SIM cards for your mobile phone, you may obtain additional information from the Customer Service Department on number 123, as well as in any store of the Telenor commercial network.