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Credit Limit

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The credit limit is a sum, within which you have the opportunity to make calls and use the services, offered to you by Yettel, without the need of an additional payment. The credit limit is deemed reached when the due in amounts on all SIM cards reach or exceed the respective defined size of the credit limit.

The following are included in the credit limit:

  • Due in amounts as per issued invoices
  • Current balance on all SIM cards.
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Yettel informs the customer when approaching the upper limit of the respective defined credit limit size, except in cases when reaching the full credit limit size is:

  • Due to use of roaming services, for which at the time Yettel does not have access to information on the used services by the customer, or
  • Due to calls/types of exploitation, for which there is additional technical time for processing required.
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Yettel may unilaterally decrease the size of the credit limit, depending on the current credit evaluation of the customer, of which action the forespoken is informed.

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In case you require increasing the sum of your credit limit, you may make a deposit under your client number or you may submit a written request in any store from the Yettel commercial network.

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In case of exceeding the credit limit, the subscriber is obliged to pay all due in amounts for used services, including those exceeding the size of the defined credit limit.

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The exceeding of the credit limit gives Yettel the right, but does not oblige the entity to restrict or terminate the customer’s access to services.

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