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Recharge and payments

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The period of invoice payment is 15 days, counted from invoice issue date (this period is valid only when you have not reached your credit limit. Otherwise payment has to be made immediately).

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In case you delayed the payment of your monthly invoice, your outgoing service will be restricted. You may pay your bill by selecting the most suitable method of payment or temporarily activate your restricted calls (SMS, MMS, MB) with the new service – Reactivation after barring.

The activation may be performed up to 94 hours from the moment of restriction of your outgoing calls, as they will remain active for 96 hours from the moment of restriction, disregarding of when you have activated the Reactivation after barring service.

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In case of non-payment of the amounts due to Yettel in the term, envisaged according to the contract, the operator can continue the actions on collecting the amounts due by assigning it to third parties. Yettel assigns the organization of the collection of due and overdue payments from the debtors and accordingly has signed an agreement with the following organizations:

Law Office Popov, Arnaudov and Partners
Finance Protect EOOD
Creditreform Bulgaria Ltd.
SG Group Ltd.
ASG Collection Ltd. /previously F&L Consult Ltd./
Inovative Finance Ltd.
APS Bulgaria EOOD
Advance Finance Ltd.
Ex Debt AD

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For your convenience, Yettel offers the following possibilities to pay your bills:

On the spot:

In cash:
At the pay desk in any shop from the retail network of Yettel or at our partners Internity and Global Net.

      At a bank:


      By a payment order of your personal IBAN, which you can find in your invoice or in the automatic

Yettel Menu

    *123#, Option 6


From the Borica system, UBB or DSK.

Automatic payment from your bank

From your payment account in UniCredit, Bulbank, DSK Bank, BPB, UBB or SG Ekspresbank

    Credit cards:
    • Yettel – UBB MasterCard
    • EuroLineWith automatic liability withdrawal from your credit card
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  • With Cash Refresh you have the chance to recharge as much airtime as you want - from 8 BGN to 99 BGN. Just visit any of our representative shops which has been designated with a sticker cash refresh. Just find your way directly to the pay-desk – it is also designated with such sticker. We give you a stub. You write down the mobile number and the amount you want to be recharged. The sales assistant enters the mobile number and the amount in the system and gives you a receipt. Before you set off the store, your airtime will be recharged. You will receive a confirming SMS.
  • With a recharge card (voucher). Call 123 (0,15 BGN with VAT per call) from your mobile phone or if you dial 089 1330 from another mobile or stationary phone (0.47 BGN/minute for Yettel subscribers) and follow the Automatic Information Service. Free method for recharge: directly from you phone enter *115*, voucher number, # and press OK / Send button.
    Exemplary format: *115*123456789000# 
  • With Automatic recharge service, your friends and relatives who use any Yettel postpaid plan can recharge your airtime with an SMS when paying their monthly bill to Yettel.
  • Via ePay.bg you can recharge your talking time. You just need to have Internet access and registration in ePay.bg.
  • At an ATM – you can recharge your airtime at ATM-s all over the country. The service is available 24/7 as payments can be made with national debit cards, issued from Bulgarian banks.


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