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Categories of persons to whom we disclose users` personal data in the sense of privacy policy upon access control

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Personal data processors are persons who process personal data on Yettel’s behalf and further to an assignment made by Yettel based on a written agreement. They do not have the right to process the personal data provided to them for purposes other than the performance of the work assigned to them by Yettel. The processors are obliged to abide by all instructions given by Yettel.

Yettel takes the necessary measures in order to ensure that the hired processors strictly abide by the personal data protection legislation and Yettel’s instructions as well as that they have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data.

Examples of personal data processors:
Providers of video surveillance system implementation and/or maintenance services, respectively IT systems where video recordings and/or photographs are stored, who sometimes need to have access to the video recordings and/or photographs for the purposes of provision of the services ;
Providers of security services carried out according to the Private Security Activity Act
Providers of consulting services, etc.