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Definitions in the sense of privacy policy upon access control

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Информация за връзка с Yettel, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

Personal data means any information related to any natural person who is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly by an identification number or by one or more specific characteristics. Specificc characteristics means characteristics related to person’s physical, physiological, cultural, social or other identity.

The types of personal data being the subject of this Policy are:
Visitor’s given, middle and family name;
The organization on whose behalf (or on whose assignment) the person visits a site of Yettel (where applicable);
Telephone number (upon one-off visit to sites classified as ones of strategic importance according to the legislation in force);
Information about an access control ID card provided (if provided to the visitor);
Logs (if an access control ID card is provided to the visitor);

Personal data processing means any use of personal data. Such are for example the actions of:
Destruction, etc.

Yettel Bulgaria EAD, company ID number [EIK] 130460283, having its domicile and registered office at building 6, Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4 Residential Estate, city of Sofia, postal code 1766

Means a building, an office or a technical facility of Yettel where the access control under this Policy is carried out

Means a natural person who visits a site where access control is being carried out.

Within the meaning of this Policy visitors may be users, employees of suppliers and partners, officials and others.

Means this Personal Data Policy of Yettel Bulgaria EAD upon access control, including its subsequent amendments and/or supplementations.

A card provding access to certain areas and/or premises in sites where access control is being carried out

These are records generated automatically by the access control systems. These records contain information about all events while a card provided by Yettel for the visitor’s access, such as:

Type of event (e.g. entrance or exit, unsuccessful attempt to enter or exit, and others);
Information about the area and/or the premises in relation to which the event is being generated;
Date and time of event;
Identifier of the card used, etc.

This is a register of persons who have requested access to sites where access control is carried out.