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Personal data processing outside the territory of Bulgaria

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Как събираме лични данни

As a rule, Yettel strives not to send personal data to users outside the territory of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). However, in certain cases it is necessary to send certain data to persons outside the EU/EEC (e.g. in order to provide a service for the maintenance of a Yettel information system, which cannot be performed without access to personal data), subject to the requirements of applicable law and described in this Personal Data Policy.

In the event that a user's personal data need to be sent by Yettel to a non-EU or EEC country, this will be done in compliance with this Personal Data Policy and subject to any of the following conditions:
When there is a decision of the PDPC or the European Commission, according to which the respective country provides an adequate level of personal data protection;
Where an agreement has been concluded with the organization to which personal data are transferred, containing the standard data protection clauses approved by the European Commission by Decision № 2010/87/EU ( https://www.cpdp.bg/userfiles/file/Transfers/BCR_Commission_decision_2010-87_Bg.pdf );
Where the transfer of data is necessary in order to perform a contract with the relevant user (e.g. when the user makes an international call to a non-EU/EEC country).

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