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Информация за връзка с Yettel, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

In practice, this means any information that identifies a specific natural person or which relates to a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified. The types of personal data being the subject matter of this Policy are: basic data; traffic data or data regarding consumption; location data; data provided upon the conclusion of contract; data regarding contracts; data regarding the liabilities; data regarding the payments; data regarding communication with users.

Full name;
Personal Identity Number;
Date of Birth;
Permanent address;

These are data automatically generated by the electronic communication network which are processed so that a message can be transmitted via the network or are necessary for billing, preparation of the bills of the users and for proving their authenticity.

Such data are:
Data regarding incoming and outgoing calls made, which include date, time, duration and telephone numbers;
Data regarding short text messages sent and received which include date and time sent/received and telephone numbers;
Data regarding mobile internet sessions made, which include IP addresses, connection type (e.g. video streaming, e-mail, etc.), start and end of session, volume of downloaded and uploaded data, connection speed and others.

These are data regarding the make, model, serial number and version of the operating system of the device used by the user.

Data processed in an electronic communication network which show the approximate geographic location of the mobile device of a user. The fact that your mobile phone is within the range of a specific base station of our mobile network is an example of location data.

Personal data that users need to provide to Yettel for concluding a contract or registering a prepaid card. Their provision is voluntary, but without them Yettel cannot conclude the contract or register a prepaid card.
Such data are:
User names;
Personal Identity Number (for Bulgarian citizens);
Date of birth (for foreign persons);
Personal number (for foreign persons);
Permanent address (the user can provide, voluntarily and at his/her choice, an address for receiving invoices, in case it is different);
Data from an identity document - type (identity card, passport, etc.), number, date and place of issue, issuing authority;
Details of the proxy (if the contract is concluded by a proxy) and of his/her power of attorney;
E-mail address - when concluding transactions in the Yettel e-shop.

Type of contract (e.g. mobile service contract, supplementary agreement, leasing contract, etc.);
Contract number and date of conclusion;
Date of entry into force and term of the contract;
Date of registration and activation of a prepaid card;
Term of validity of a prepaid card, including the credit on it;
Term of validity of an additional package;
Customer number;
Provided telephone numbers, respectively SIM card numbers;
Provided goods - type, brand, model, unique number (IMEI or serial number);
Applicable subscription plan, including the conditions under it;
Applicable prepaid plan/package, including the conditions under it;
Applicable additional package, including the conditions under it;
Services provided, including additional services;
Amount of monthly fee (standard and/or promotional);
User-selected date for issuing invoices;
Amount of monthly lease payments (for leasing contracts);
Repayment plan (for leasing contracts);
Credit limit amount;
Rights and obligations of the parties
Information about the business premises where the contract is concluded or the prepaid card is registered, etc.
Details of a specified contact person, in case the user indicates such - this data may include names, telephone number and e-mail address;
E-mail address - for access to Yettel digital channels and/or for receiving documents under Art. 260, para. 2 and Art. 261a of the Electronic Communications Act.

These are data regarding the users’ liabilities in relation to contracts entered into with Yettel and services provided.
Such data are:
Information about issued invoices: date, number, maturity date, amounts due, etc.;
Information about previous and current liabilities;
Information about charged penalties;
Information about warning notices or letters sent in relation to users’ liabilities;
Information about reaching or exhausting a credit limit;
Information about discontinuation of the possibility of users’ making outgoing calls in view of unpaid liabilities to Yettel;
Information about restricting and/or discontinuing the access of users to a service(s) in view of unpaid liabilities to Yettel;
Information about deferment or rescheduling of user’s liabilities;
Information about termination of contracts with users due to their failure to pay their liabilities;
Information about actions taken in relation to out-of-court or legal collection of users’ liabilities, etc.;
Information about assignment (cession) of sums owed by users to third parties, etc.

These are summarized data regarding consumption of a user during one or more reporting periods. Such data are also attached to the invoices of each user. Summarized data are also referred to as “data necessary for the preparation of subscriber bills.
Such data are:
Type of services used (e.g. telephone calls, mobile internet, etc.);
Total amount of mobile internet used (in МВ), including what portion thereof is part of a package;
Total amount of outgoing calls to national mobile and/or landline networks (in minutes), including what portion thereof is part of a package;
Total amount of outgoing international calls and/or calls in roaming (in minutes), including what portion thereof is part of a package
Total amount of outgoing calls within Yettel’s network (in minutes), including what portion thereof is part of a package;
Total number of short text messages sent, etc.

These are data regarding the history of payments made by users in relation to contracts entered into with Yettel.
Such data are:
Type of payment (e.g. payment of liabilities under an issued invoice, recharching a prepaid card, payment of a guarantee deposit or others);
Date of payment or recharging;
Place of payment or recharging (e.g. a trade outlet of Yettel, an outlet of a partner or others)
Amount of the sum paid and the liability the payment refers to;
Amount of refilled sum: for prepaid cards;
Manner of payment (e.g. in cash, by debit or credit card, by direct debit, or others);
Manner of refilling a prepaid card (electronic refill, by voucher, at trade outlet, or others);  
Information about debit/credit card, number of bank account or another bank/payment information (in case of non-cash payments).

These are data that are processed in connection with the communication between Yettel and its customers in the form of inquiries, complaints, applications, requests or customer claims, when conducting satisfaction surveys, during calls/messages in connection with the services used, etc. These are also the data that are generated automatically when users make inquiries regarding Yettel's products and services through Yettel's self-service channels.

Such data are:
User data;
Contact information for the user (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc.) or for a contact person specified by him/her;
Type of communication (written inquiry, application, complaint, letter, inquiry through an online form or through a mobile application, e-mail, telephone call, short text message, etc.);
Date of sending or receiving communication (e.g. date of incoming or outgoing call, date of receipt of inquiry, complaint, reclamation or message, date of sending message, letter, etc.);
Information contained in the relevant communication (e.g. content of a user's inquiry complaint, attached documents, content of the response or reference prepared by Yettel), etc.

Personal data processing means any use of personal data.

Personal data processing means the actions of:
Destruction, etc.

Yettel Bulgaria EAD, company ID number [EIK] 130460283, having its domicile and registered office at building 6, Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4 Residential Estate, city of Sofia, postal code 1766.
In this Personal Data Policy the use of pronouns “We”, “Us” or “Our” also means ”Yettel Bulgaria EAD”.

A natural person who:
has the right to receive services from Yettel Bulgaria EAD on the basis of an individual contract or in the form of prepaid services;
has concluded a leasing contract with Yettel;
uses electronic communication services provided by Yettel Bulgaria EAD
has purchased goods from Yettel - for example in business premises or in an e-shop;
has entered into another type of contract with Yettel.

Anonymization is an operation alternative to the deletion or destruction of personal data. By such an operation all elements which directly or indirectly identify a person are irretrievably removed. Anonymized data are not personal data.

If the personal data regarding a user in our possession are as follows:
Name: Ivan Ivanov;
Age: 43 years;
Address: city of Sofia, 99th Street, apartment house 1083, apartment 100,
after an anonymization operation is made they could look thus:
Name: ****;
Age: 40-60 years;
Address: city of Sofia.

Upon a restriction on processing Yettel may only store the relevant personal data unless: (а) the user has given his/her consent; or (b) data processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; (c) data processing is necessary for the protection of the rights of another natural person; or (d) there are important grounds of public interest for the Republic of Bulgaria or the European Union.

General Terms and Conditions means all General Terms and Conditions on the use of the services provided by Yettel.

General Terms and Conditions of Yettel Bulgaria EAD on the relations with uses of mobile electronic communication services;
General Terms and Conditions of Yettel Bulgaria EAD on the relations with uses of landline telephone services and others.