Влез и виж специални оферти Вход

Влез и виж специални оферти



Keep track of details of your subscription plan and monthly bill in your electronic invoice. It’s all in it - usage of minutes, megabytes, packages and services included in your plan as well as any extra add-ons, value-added services or lease installments - accessible in the mobile application YettelApp or in YettelApp web portal.

Възползвайте се от подробна информация за фактура в електронен формат.

Starting 10. September 2020, the way to get your invoice is through the mobile application MyTelenor or MyTelenor web portal To access these digital channels you need to have a Yettel profile. If you do not have a Yettel profile yet, you can create yours by following these easy steps at here.

Вижте повече за YettelApp

Your invoice for Yettel services includes useful and comprehensive information about all the service elements that make up your monthly bill, such as:

subscription plan and services included in it, charging principles
active add-ons
usage by destination - in Yettel’s and other national networks, MB, SMS, roaming, etc.
usage of services included in your subscription, as well as usage of add-ons and any other services not included in your subscription
discounts, if applicable
total amount due for your mobile / fixed number for the billing period
information about other services - for example, lease installments and any other usage details

You see all the details of your monthly bill that are of interest to you, clearly presented in one place, accessible any time!

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