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How long do we store personal data

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Yettel stores personal data of Users for as long as necessary to achieve the goals set out in this Policy or to comply with the requirements of the law. As a rule, Yettel will not store User data:

For a period longer than 2 (two) years after the date of purchase of the electronic vignette, in case of successful purchase; or
For a period longer than 6 (six) months after the date of unsuccessful attempt to purchase an electronic vignette unless there is valid reason to keep the data for a longer period (e. g. pending dispute, inspections by competent authorities, etc.).

They are necessary for pending court, arbitration, administrative or enforcement proceedings, or in the event of a complaint from the relevant User, which should be considered by Yettel; orbr> The respective User has exercised his / her right to request restriction of the processing of personal data concerning him / her.

Yettel endeavors to ensure that the processed personal data of the Users are updated (and corrected if necessary) and that no data that is not necessary to achieve the objectives described above is stored.

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