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How we protect personal data

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Building and maintaining trust between us and the Users is a key strategic priority for Yettel. Therefore, protecting our systems and personal data is paramount for both our Users and Yettel. Our main goal is to make customers feel safe when using Yettel products and services. In accordance with the requirements of current legislation and good practices, Yettel takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to keep the personal data of the Users safe.

In order to protect the personal data of the Users, Yettel uses advanced technologies combined with uncompromising management of security controls. Our framework is based on some of the most popular security standards (ISO27001: 2013, etc.).

To ensure maximum data protection, Yettel has adopted a number of policies that regulate data processing. Various mechanisms (data encryption, anonymization, pseudonymisation, etc.) are applied to both data in transit and data at rest.

Yettel has a designated Data Protection Officer and specialized departments responsible for information security and fraud protection. They support the processes for protecting and securing personal data, and monitor their compliance.

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