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When you are using mobile services in roaming and make an outgoing call to a number from a different country than you are in, you must always enter the country code to which the outgoing call is. Example: if you are in roaming and you want to call a Bulgarian number, you must dial +359 and then the number itself.

If you do not specify the country code for the outgoing call, the call might not be reached or even the call can be counted as an added value call that could result in a high bill.

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Ако искаш да ползваш мобилен интернет в роуминг, Yettel ти предоставя 2 възможности:

да бъдеш таксуван по стандартните цени в роуминг
да закупиш допълнителен роуминг пакет Roam&Surf

В зависимост от страната, в която се намираш, избери една от двете опции в приложението MyTelenor или в мобилния портал за управление на услугите в роуминг, достъпен на адрес lp.telenor.bg.

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In roaming both outgoing/placed and incoming/received calls are charged. Prices are according to your roaming plan. View more information

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Sending of text messages (SMS) is charged according to your roaming plan, the country and the respective zone you are traveling to. View more information.

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Receiving of text messages (SMS) in roaming is free of charge.

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You can deactivate the receiving of notification SMS containing additional information about the roaming service prices through the mobile application YettelApp. Just enter in Services/Management/Roaming welcome SMS

If you would like to stop receiving additional information for roaming services’ prices, dial free of charge *123#, option 6 and chose option “SMS info”.

In case you would like to retrieve receiving information for roaming services’ prices, you could do it again free of charge by dialing *123#, option 6 and chose option “SMS info”.

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Yes, while you are in roaming you could send and receive MMS, provided that Yettel has concluded roaming agreement with the respective operator.

Receiving MMS in roaming is free of charge; price for sending МMS is according to your roaming plan.

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Roaming services provided by Yettel are charged according to the information received from the roaming partner for the services used by Yettel’s customers. That information is provided to Yettel on a daily basis by the roaming partners, but delays up to 30 days are possible. Yettel charges these services in BGN and include those charges in the monthly bills.

Roaming services used by prepaid customers are charged in real time.

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