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Number Portability

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The time frame for the number transfer is between 09:00 am and 04:00 pm. During a small interval within this time frame it is possible, although not likely, to experience poor quality of the connection or not to receive text or MMS messages sent to you.

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Transferring a number to a different operator does not include transfer of the additional services that you have used before the transfer. For example (but not only): data transfer, fax messaging, different types of information services received via SMS/MMS, notifications from other companies and institutions and other additional services.

When transferring your number to Yettel, you may choose between all the subscription plans and additional services we offer to our new customers.

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Yettel will notify you for any irregularities with the porting request (if any) via a text message. If everything is in order, the two providers will set a date for the transfer. For your convenience, Yettel will send you a text message when the number is transferred successfully.

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When submitting a request for transfer of more than one number to the Yettel network, you may choose whether the transfer is independent for each number or all the numbers are to be transferred at the same time.

If you choose independent transfer for each number and there is an obstacle for the transfer of some of the numbers in the request, the request will not be stopped for the numbers that can be transferred.

If you opt in for all the numbers to be transferred at the same time, the process of transfer is stopped for all the numbers until the issue is resolved (if it can be resolved) or until a new request is submitted (if the issue cannot be resolved).

Important: In the request you need to mark whether you wish for all the numbers to be transferred independently or at the same time.

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The porting request can be filed either by you personally, or by an authorized person. The representative of a physical entity should present a specific power of attorney, and the representative of a legal entity – a general or a specific power of attorney.

Requests sent by mail, fax or email will not be accepted.

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The transfer of the number is free of charge. You do not pay any fee but you have to pay all dues and charges to the current provider.

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When you call a number with a 089xxxxxxx prefix, which has been transferred to another network, Yettel will inform you via signal with duration of 3 seconds. After the signal, you will have 2 more seconds to decide whether to continue with the call or to hang up. You will not be charged for the duration of the signal and the subsequent 2 seconds. You are only charged for calls that have been realized.

The sound signal has been approved by the Communications Regulation Commission and can be heard online at the Yettel website.

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Your current provider may deny the transfer in the following situations:

  • If you are not the account holder for the specified number
  • If the number is non-existing
  • If you have already submitted another porting request for the specified number and the transfer is not completed
  • If the data, provided to the receiving operator by the current operator are incorrect or incomplete
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The transfer of the number and the activation of the new SIM card takes up to 2 business days. In case there are any issues that can be resolved, the process may take up to 30 days, during which the issue should be solved. If the portability does not take place within this time frame, a new request should be submitted.

Important: The process may be stopped, if you have provided incorrect or incomplete data.

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Signing a contract is not a must. When transferring a number to the Yettel network you may sign a contract for a subscription plan or choose a prepaid service. If you wish to use a prepaid service, provided by Yettel, you have to pay a single fee of 5 BGN – this sum is included in the initial credit of the prepaid card. 

Important: Yettel will provide you with a SIM card when you file the request. In case you have chosen a subscription plan, you need to sign a contract that is activated when the number is transferred.

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You may apply at the stores of the receiving provider (the one, to which you wish to transfer the number).

In order to transfer your mobile phone number to the Yettel network, you need to visit a store from Yettel retail chain – Yettel, GlobalNet, Internity. At the store you should submit a transfer request and choose a subscription plan.

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Yes. There is no limitation to the numbers that you wish to transfer from one network to another. It is important that all the numbers, included in a porting request, are of the same type – only mobile numbers with a subscription plan, only fixed numbers with a subscription plan or only prepaid numbers. If you are transferring different numbers from different networks (e.g. from two different providers), you need to file two separate porting requests.

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While the number is deactivated within the network of the old provider, you are a subscriber of the current operator. When the number is activated within the Yettel network, it is deactivated from the network of your current provider. The contract with your current provider is considered active until the number is deactivated.

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The receiving operator may deny the transfer of the number under the following circumstances:

  • If you are not legally capable of concluding legal deals and you are not duly represented by a third party
  • If the request is filed by an unauthorized person
  • If you do not present the required documents
  • If the data provided in the request is incorrect and/or incomplete
  • If there is another reason in regard to the Terms of use of the receiving operator.
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