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Call barring

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When someone else uses your phone or when you are in roaming, it is very useful to have an efficient control system over your invoice. Call barring service allows you to limit the calls that you make or receive.

Moreover, with the service Incoming traffic in case of overdue obligation you can receive incoming traffic (calls, SMS, etc.) to your cell phone even if you have missed to pay your bill on time.

How does it work

Call barring

To use apply Call baring type in your phone the respective code and password and press.

 ActivationDeactivationStatus check

Outgoing international calls*331* password # #331* password #*#331 #

Incoming calls when you are outside Bulgaria*351* password # #351* password #*#351 #

Outgoing CSD data calls excluding SMS messages##002#  *33*password*20#  *33*password# *#33# 

All outgoing calls*33* password # #33* password #*#33 #

All incoming calls*35* password # #35* password #*#35 #


The standard call barring password, set by Yettel is 0000. You are able to modify it by setting a new call barring password.

To modify the password, dial: *03*330* old barring password * new barring password * new barring password # 


Incoming calls in case of overdue debt*

The service is available for all Yettel subscribers with overdue debt. The service can not be used by a subscriber in roaming.

The fee will be applied to residential customers only

The fee is one-time applied – 0.60 BGN (it does not depend on the period within the service has been used and the count of received calls/SMS, it is applied once in case of not paid on time debt. In case of new overdue debt, the fee applies again.

The fee for the service is applied to each number belonging to the bill with overdue debt.

You can refuse using the service within 2-day period from the service activation. To do that you need to sign a Form in the nearest Yettel shop.

* in force as of June 1st 2010

How much does it cost

Call barring service is free of charge. Information about the fee of Incoming traffic in case of overdue obligation service you can see at current price list of Yettel.

How do I get the service

Yettel provides Call Barring service automatically upon initial activation of the SIM card. Incoming traffic in case of overdue obligation is activаted automatically by default for all Yettel postpaid clients with overdue bill.

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