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How collect personal data

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When a Solution account is created and used Yettel collects user data in various ways. In most cases we receive information directly from the users. Certain data are automatically generated when users use the Solution (e.g. when they authenticate to a digital service), and sometimes the data is provided to Yettel by third parties.

We collect data directly from users:
When an account is created and a user logs in to the Solution;
When the user password is changed;
When communicating with users regarding the Solution.
The following data is automatically generated:
The data of default settings if users have not set/changed them;
Data about the user of electronic communications services;
Data about the use of the Solution.
We receive data from third parties:
When users authenticate through the Solution or when communicate with Partners in connection with the Solution, we receive data from them;
When competent authorities exercise their powers, we receive data from them.

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