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Prepaid SIM replacement

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Prepaid SIM replacement

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You can replace your defective or lost/stolen prepaid SIM card and keep your mobile number and all settings of your old SIM card.

How does it work

To replace your SIM card you need to visit a shop from the retail network of Telenor and present your personal client code to a shop assistant. You will be given a new SIM card with the same mobile number and settings (tariff, packs of minutes, numbers in “For Friends” group, etc.) of your old SIM card.

How much does it cost

In cases when a technical defect is proven, SIM card replacement is free.

If your SIM card is mechanically damaged, lost or stolen you need to pay a replacement fee according to the current Price list for Prepaid Mobile Services.

How do I get the service

All customers of Telenor prepaid service can replace his/her defective or lost/stolen SIM card.