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Telenor Bulgaria received a permit for the use of 5G frequencies

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Telenor Bulgaria received a permit for the use of 5G frequencies

Today, the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) officially handed over the permit for the use of frequencies in the 3.6 GHz spectrum, which Telenor Bulgaria won during the tender organized by CRC for the allocation of radio frequencies, which took place on April 6 this year. Telenor has obtained the 3500-3600 MHz band and will use it to develop its 5G network for a period of 20 years.

At its meeting held on May 11, 2021, CRC adopted decisions for issuing permits for the use of a radio frequency spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band. The permits issued because of the secret bidding tender held in April this year for the provision of a radio frequency spectrum in this band have national coverage and are for a period of twenty years.

The provision of the spectrum creates conditions for the entry of new technologies on the Bulgarian market, with sufficient flexibility to provide current and future wireless broadband services. The services include those based on 5G networks and a good competitive environment, which is a prerequisite for providing new quality services to consumers.

"5G will offer a fundamentally different experience for customers, businesses, and governments in the very near future. Telenor was first to demonstrate the use of its revolutionary capability though a live ultra-high speed 5G video call in 2019”, said Jason King, CEO of Telenor Bulgaria. “With this newly awarded mobile frequency, we will further develop our exceptional telecoms network which enables us to continue delivering world-class service to our customers – already proven by winning umlaut’s Best In Test certificate four consecutive times”, commented Jason King.

At the beginning of April, 2021, Telenor Bulgaria announced the start of a large-scale information and training campaign for the new 5G mobile technology. The campaign aims to present 5G to end users in detail and answer all the important questions related to the fifth-generation cellular network. On June 10, Telenor Bulgaria will launch its 5G network.