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Acting with integrity and transparency

The first step toward achieving our sustainability goals is acquainting everyone in the company, as well as our suppliers with our Sustainability strategy.

Our long-term goals:

By the end of 2023

100% of our senior management and 50% of all employees will engage in sustainability-related training

By the end of 2024

a new Supplier Engagement Plan will be developed

What have we achieved in 2022-2023:

26 employees, working on key of the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy roles, went through a specialized ESG Academy, done in collaboration with the Sofia University.

82% of our senior management went through a specialized training program, focused on the topics of Sustainability strategy development, Decarbonization and Climate Change Mitigation, Supplier Due Dilligence and more.

We continue our efforts through:

Employee Engagement

When it comes to sustainability, we focus our effort on educating and bringing on board everybody in the company, while keeping our key stakeholders informed on the progress we are making.

Supplier Engagement

We are currently developing a new supplier engagement plan to establish policies and procedures to be able to start dialogue with our key suppliers regarding alignment of values on climate change, environment, ethics, health and safety and product stewardship.

Yettel's Sustainability strategy supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals