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Ethics and Compliance

We at Yettel are united in applying the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professional conduct.

Our Code of Ethics applies to all Yettel employees, requires and promotes honest and ethical behavior in the performance of our day-to-day activities. The Code of Ethics is an integral part of Yettel's commitment to applying the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professional conduct.

Code of ethics

Anti-corruption principles

Yettel rejects all forms of corruption, as it represents a threat to responsible businesses and societies all over the world, it distorts competition and damages reputation. Corruption means the abuse of entrusted power whereby someone offers an improper advantage in exchange for money, benefits or even the promise thereof. It can take many forms, ranging from expensive gifts through bribes and kickbacks all the way to unfair advantages to relatives.

Report a signal

The ability to report is not just a legal requirement – it is fundamental to ensuring a transparent and accountable corporate culture as well as an ethical work environment. Therefore, at Yettel, we have established a secure internal whistleblowing channel (directly to the company) as required by the Law on protection of persons reporting or publicly disclosing information on breaches (the "Law").

Additional information about the process yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

The signals can be directed against an employee, members of the management and governing bodies, suppliers of Yettel Bulgaria, as well as against third parties related to Yettel. The signal should be related to your current or past work activities at Yettel through which you received the information about the breach. This reporting channel does not apply to complaints or dissatisfaction of customers or clients of the services provided by Yettel - such complaints can be filed here.

Channels for reporting signals to Yettel under the Law yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

You can report a breach orally or in writing through Yettel's internal reporting channel.


The signal should be submitted to the designated by Yettel person for investigation of the signals  (designated person) in one of the following ways:

• web form

• at the email address: compliance@yettel.bg;

• by phone +359 898 400 123;

• during a personal meeting with the designated person (such meeting may be scheduled via the above phone number)

• by letter to the address: Sofia 1766, gh., Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, building 6. In case of submitting the report by letter, please mark the letter as "Confidential" and indicate the recipient as the designated person, responsible for receiving, registering and investigating signals.


When submitting the report in writing, you can fill out the template form of the Commission for Protection of Personal Data (CPPD). If you are not using the form or the web form, the signal should contain: names, address, telephone and email address, if any; the names of the person against whom the report is submitted and his workplace, if the report is filed against a specific person and he is known to you, specific details of a breach or of a real danger that such a breach will be committed, place and period of the breach, if any committed, a description of the breach or the situation and other circumstances, as far as such are known to you, date of submission of the signal, signature, electronic signature or other identification of the sender. You can access the form for registering a signal according to the CPPD model here.

Which signals fall within the scope of the Law yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

The signal of breach should fall into some of the areas covered by the Law. In order for your signal to be reviewed  under the conditions and within the time limits described below, it is necessary to include allegations of breach in one of the following areas:

public procurements; financial services, products and markets, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; products safety and compliance;, protection of the environment; consumer protection, protection of privacy and personal data, and security of network and information systems

• breaches affecting the financial interests of the European Union;

• breaches of internal market rules, including rules on competition and state aid;

• cross-border tax schemes, the purpose of which is to obtain a tax advantage that is contrary to the sunject or purpose of the applicable law in the field of corporate taxation;

committed crime, about which the reporting person found out in connection with the performance of his work or in the performance of his official duties;

• the rules for payment of due public state and municipal monetary obligations, labor legislation or legislation related to the performance of public service.

Are signals confidential? yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

Yes, at Yettel we have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your privacy, which is also guaranteed by the Law.

We want to encourage and facilitate whistleblowing, without fear of retaliation.

Although the signal contains your data, it will not be shared with others except for verification purposes in strict compliance with the Law, our internal rules for handling signals for breaches addressed to Yettel and the Privacy policy of Yettel Bulgaria EAD for receiving and reviewing reports for breaches.

Protection for whistleblowers yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

If your report is in accordance with the Law, you are protected against retaliation - any form of employment, personal, discriminatory, commercial retaliation, threats or attempts to do so is prohibited when such actions are in the nature of repression and put you or may put you at a disadvantage. You enjoy this protection under the Act from the time of the report if you had reasonable cause to believe that the reported information about the breach was true at the time of the report. In this case, your relatives and colleagues who helped you to file the report, as well as the legal entities in which you own a share or for which you work, also enjoy protection.

Reporting through an external channel yettel.chevronDown yettel.chevronUp

At Yettel, we encourage priority reporting through our internal channel to ensure that the breach is swiftly prevented or remedied. We believe that we are the ones in the best interest of creating a work environment where everyone feels free to express their opinions and report breaches.

However, you can also submit your report to the CPPD:

by email at whistleblowing@cpdp.bg

by mail to the address: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., or orally - on site in the CPPD at the address: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.

Full information can be found on the commission's website: https://www.cpdp.bg/index.php

Yettel acknowledges the responsibility to establish, promote and maintain high standards of social and environmental sustainability and business ethics throughout their value chain. Yettel is therefore committed to and requires all its suppliers to comply with the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct below.

Code of conduct