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Prepaid customers registration

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Prepaid customers registration

On December 27, 2016 the Law on the fight against terrorism was promulgated according to which the mobile operators are not eligible to register more than 10 prepaid numbers in the name of one customer.

This restriction is valid only for prepaid cards, offering voice services.

If you are prepaid customer, you are due to register, in order to be able to activate and use your prepaid card. After registration your card will be automatically activated with the first outgoing call.

For making a prepaid card registration you need to:

Visit a Telenor’s store or branch of Bulgarian posts
Fill in a Form for registration of prepaid customers

The data must be provided by prepaid customer personally. The data may also be provided by the legal representative or by the plenipotentiary with a notarized power of attorney.

Individuals registration data:

Three names
Personal Number
Permanent residential address

Documents and data for registration of foreign citizens

Individuals with PIN (personal identification number) – customer’s names, PIN number, residential number
Foreign individuals without PIN (personal identification number)– customer’s names, passport number or other equivalent identify number, document type, nationality, date of birth.

For underage users (14 to 18 years of age) who hold a personal ID, registration will be done to their legal representatives - a parent, trustee or guardian, unless the person has married between 16-18 years old.

Documents and data for registration of legal entities and sole proprietors

Seat and management address
Identity code (UIC or BULSTAT)

Legal entities not subject to registration in the Commercial register must submit Certificate of current status issued by the respective District court no later than 6 (six) months before its submission and a copy of the identification code card (UIC or BULSTAT).

An individual, respectively a representative of the legal entity or sole proprietors must be identified with a valid identify document.

Documents and data for registration of plenipotentiaries

The plenipotentiary should provide:

Explicitly certified power of attorney for registration of the authorizer as a prepaid customer for a certain mobile number, as well as for providing of the necessary data to Telenor Bulgaria EAD
Valid ID

* The requirement and registration terms are on the basis of Data collection rules which are necessary to identify prepaid customers before 1st of January adopted by Decision No 1085 of 03.09.2009 of The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC)