National Contact 0700 and National Contact 0800

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With the services of National number 0700 and National number 0800, you can be reached by all your end-users through one number and the calls can be located to your nearest office. All calls to numbers 0700 are charged at a standard price according to the used operator. You determine which of your offices to take the call.

Unique number for all offices in the country
Can be dialled from all mobile and fixed operators, no matter of the used operator
The calls are forwarded to an office selected by you and in a concrete location. For example, if you have offices in Sofia and Burgas, you decide which of them to answer the incoming calls from Plovdiv
You keep the number, even if you move the office

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Yettel Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

За повече информация относно цените и параметрите на услугата може да се свържете с Вашия търговски представител, да отправите запитване тук или в модул Бизнес приложения в Бизнес портала тук.

For a call to National Contact 0700 the end-users are charged at a standard price according to the pricelist of their operator.
A call to National Contact 0800 is free of charge for your end-users. The price of the call is covered by you.
You do not have to pay extra for incoming calls to your primary number.

How do the services work?

To use National Contact 0700 and National Contact 0800 you need:
Only one main number from 0700890XX or 0800900XX range and minimum 2 additional numbers from Yettel, to which the calls will be rooted;
To select a suitable postpaid plan for the additional numbers.

When making and receiving calls, please bear in mind that:
The primary number and the additional numbers can be used for incoming calls;
Outgoing calls are possible only from the additional numbers by presenting the digits of the respective additional number from which the outgoing call is made.

When a call is forwarded, it is good to know that:
The incoming calls to numbers 0700 or 0800 made by Yettel mobile numbers and by subscribers of national fixed networks can be forwarded to your offices, which have been specified in advance;
Calls made from other national mobile networks can be forwarded only to one previously selected office.