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In order always to be informed where your business is going, we present you Autopark Solutions. It allows you to track and control your company’s fleet, to monitor the vehicles’ speed and direction. All this – in real time.

Reducing fuel costs, because you can plan and optimize the routes for your vehicles in and out of working hours.

Providing security and control via monitoring the vehicles in real time. In addition, you can track the performance of the business processes via the opportunity for reports and alarms in case of occurring events.

Optimizing the fleet’s administration by online waybills (itinerary) and application log/organizer.

No initial investment for equipment – the GPS device which is installed on the vehicle is included in the monthly fee. The installation is performed in a day and time convenient for you.

One invoice – the monthly fee for Autopark Solutions is included in your invoice for other services that you use from Yettel.

Single Sign-On Authentication – the web-based application of Autopark Solutions is accessible in Yettel Business portal without additional username and password.

High level of support - we provide you 24/7 support by our Customer Service Center.

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Yettel Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

За повече информация относно цените и параметрите на услугата може да се свържете с Вашия търговски представител, да отправите запитване тук или в модул Бизнес приложения в Бизнес портала тук.

Autopark Solutions provides a permanent real-time monitoring of your vehicle, using mobile and satellite connection.

The main components of the solution are:

GPS device with “a concealed installation” on the vehicle (i.e. the driver won’t have any interactions with it);
SIM card with mobile internet;
Web-based application for solution’s administration on a PC or tablet, which is accessible in Yettel Business Portal.