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The content was last modified on Jul 17, 2024, 3:41:41 PM
dxomark dxomark

Choose a smartphone from yettel.bg with the professional help of DXOMARK

DXOMARK is a technology company and the international leader in the quality assessment of smartphones. To guide you in your next smartphone choice, DXOMARK will provide reviews of smartphone cameras, display, audio and battery. Their reviews are based in strict criteria and thousands of tests.


Make an easy choice with the ratings of DXOMARK


Find out which device takes the best photos, videos or portraits


Find out which device shows the best reaction and the best contrast


Find out which device has the most durable battery and which one has the charges the fastest

We help you choose

Our partnership with DXOMARK is an essensial part of our Smartphone Universe services. We know that the choice of a new smartphone is a challange and that is like we would like to help you in making the right decision. The ratings of DXOMARK are that unbiased rating, which can help you choose the most suitable new device for your needs. Learn more about Smartphone Universe - here.

Смартфон вселена

Why should you trust them?

For DXOMARK work a hundred engineers and technicians. These engineers have carried out thousands of tests each year for nearly 20 years in the company’s 17 state-of-the-art laboratories, which have been developed in-house.

The DXOMARK scores reflect the device’s performance and the quality of the user experience. Scientific, rigorous and repeatable, DXOMARK test protocols are specifically designed to reproduce consumers’ daily usages. In order to stick to the continuously evolving technologies and possibilities, the French company regularly updates its testing protocols, offering exhaustive and meaningful evaluations.

Camera protocol

When evaluating the camera quality of a smartphone, DXOMARK looks at all aspects of the camera's performance from photo and video quality, but also bokeh, zoom and photo preview functionality to does the phone take good friends & family photos and videos? Outdoors? In low light?

All smartphones going through our camera testing protocol are tested under the same setups and parameters. For that purpose, 2500 photos and 3 hours of videos are taken for every tested device. All this information will help you choose smartphone with camera according to you needs and things that you like to do.

Find out more about our DXOMARK Camera protocol - here.

DXOmark камера

Display protocol

In addition to the typical technical specifications of size, resolution and refresh rate, to deliver a quality experience, the screen must, for example, offer a brightness adapted to the lighting conditions, guaranteeing correct readability.

To help you understand which smartphone offers the right display experience for your usage, DXOMARK has built a comprehensive and demanding display protocol. In total, each device is evaluated against 4 different elements: readability, color, video and touch.

To know more about our DXOMARK Display protocol - here.

DXOmark камера

Battery protocol

When choosing a smartphone, the information usually available about the battery is its capacity (in milliampere-hours, or mAh), which, while important, is not enough to know how quickly the phone charges, and how long the battery will last. The DXOMARK Battery score aims to provide you with the relevant elements to gauge the battery performance of each device.

To know more about our DXOMARK Battery protocol and more

Find out more about DXOMARK's ratings criteria - here.

DXOmark камера

DXOMARK and Yettel will help you choose smartphone that feels like it is designed especially for you.