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100 objects

The Bulgarian Tourist Union are the guardians of the 100 National Tourist Sites – the largest movement uniting our cultural and historical heritage. And we at Yettel excel in technology. Together with them, we wondered – what would happen if we combined different things, like history and modern technology, into one?

The 100 National Tourist Sites come to life on your phone. Now you have another way to collect stamps from the most beautiful places in Bulgaria – this time digitally.

Talented Bulgarian artists have created a new digital catalog and an accessible story for each of the 100 sites. With their help, we have created beautiful animated videos with interesting facts about some of the most impressive sites of Bulgaria's cultural, historical, or natural heritage. Watch them in the Yettel app under the section for the 100 National Tourist Sites. This way, we can learn more about them and inspire our children and loved ones with our history.

Online Protect

Activate the Online Protect service in the mobile network with just one click and surf the Internet safely. You receive filter and protection from the threats on the Internet.

No additional app needs to be installed. You can control the service easily from your Yettel App.

Smart Tourist

Smart Tourist is an international trip insurance, which is paid through the mobile services bill. It works with a onetime activation by a few clicks through Yettel app, or in Yettel's own store. Coverage is in effect once you enter roaming and it is not necessary to take out new insurance before each trip.

You only pay for the days you stay abroad and you can also insure the people you travel with. A variety of risks are covered, including COVID-19.  Smart Tourist offers 24/7 insurance event assistance.

Smart Tracker

The service is a combination of GPS tracking device MyKi Spot and a special mobile subscription with minutes and MB from Yettel. The Smart tracker service helps you to keep an eye on different things – from your pet to your luggage. Choose one of the three working modes which you can easily change afterwards: SOS Mode, Pet Mode, Valuable Possessions Mode.

The Service provides maximum accuracy when determining the location of your GPS tracker MyKi Spot and a track history for the past 30 days. Thanks to the mobile subscription, part of the service Smart tracker, the tracking device can receive calls from up to 7 numbers and initiate calls with up to 3 numbers. It also provides an option for a fast reaction in case of emergency.

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