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On you go

We all strive to live a more balanced life. We know that in order to achieve it we need to move more. Sometimes it is the lack of time, other times – the lack of motivation. We will help you take the first step. We believe that with a little help from new technology, first steps are easier.

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Everyone has a different purpose and a different way to achieve it

You love to wander
You love to wander

You’re climbing a mountain this weekend and dancing on the beach the next

Your phone is never in your pocket
Your phone is never in your pocket

You’re walking the dog in the park and you miss yet another call

You’re constantly listening to something
You’re constantly listening to something

You travel, you run, you clean…but you just can’t go without listening to something

shield-icon.pngSmartphone protect

Life happens, that’s why we also offer insurance

An insurance for your new device. You can get it from Yettel so you can worry less if your phone meets gravity or ends up in someone else’s hands against your will.

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04_YT_Isolated_RGB_White_People_Hiker Tree.pngYou love to wander

Unlimited plans

Choose a Total Unlimited tariff plan so you can have the freedom to remain connected while you do your favorite things. You track and share the progress from that yoga class you took during lunch break yesterday, the peak you climbed last week or the steps you took to get to work.

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Sect-icon-two-5.pngYour phone is never in your pocket

A little technology helps a lot when we want to move more. Smartwatches with eSim track your steps and keep you connected with everything that matters.

sect-icon-three.pngThere always has to be a background sound

Move freely and listen to your favorite music, that book you can never get to finish or a motivational podcast. Get your wireless headphones for just 1 BGN per months at Yettel.

Maximum freedom of movement
Intuitive control
Easy switching between music and calls

sect-icon-three.pngWhat does it feel like to take on something new?

To begin living actively is not an easy thing to do. We all start as amateurs. Should you take on climbing, squash, horse-riding or cross fit? We can help you choose.

We made a podcast where we take first steps at new sports and learn how to be amateurs together

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