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The content was last modified on Jul 18, 2024, 2:32:19 PM

Choose smartphone or smart watch with 25% discount

Take a new device with a discount in cash or on leasing with a Total Unlimited subscription and return an old device for recycling.

You found in your drawer your fist phone – the one with the broken screen, one with a missing battery… We will recycle these devices and you will: have an extra free space, take care of nature and receive a discount for a new phone.

Here is how you can do that – in our stores or online – only in 3 easy steps:


Bring your old or non-working device for recycling (smartphone, smart watch or a tablet) at a Yettel store.


Choose a device from our selection. Combine with Total Unlimited plan for 24 months and receive 25% discount from the price of the device.


We organize the recycling and we help the planet together.

During 2022 together with our customers who recycled their old devices, we managed to:

Save emissions equal to 13.9mln smartphone charges.

Save emissions generated from the yearly consumption of electricity from 22,2 households.

Achieve the effect of planting 1889 trees and their growth during the next 10 years.

Stay tuned for our next deals on devices with a 25% off return device in June. In the meantime, you can get a smartphone with up to -200 BGN and an additional 100 BGN discount when returning an old device. See our offershere.



Instead of gathering dust in your drawer, your old device could be of great use when producing new electronics or decreasing electronic waste. We work with partners in the recycling sector and guarantee that your old phone will be used in the most optimal way.

Guaranteed buy back

We are buying back smartphones with different defects or damages. All you need to do is decide you want to get rid of your old device and bring it in our shop.


With “Recycle and save” there is no risk to become a victim of fraud or impropriety. The service we offer, guarantees, that you will receive either discount for your new smartphone or we will pay back the residual value of the returned device which you can use when purchasing another device or accessory from our shops.

Fast and easy

Everything is done with one visit to one of our physical stores or our Yettel online shop.

What happens with your old device?

If you don't want to take advantage of the discount for the devices in the campaign, we will give you a voucher code for the remaining amount of your old phone. You can use it in within 12 months of its issuance.

How to get the voucher?

  1. You go to a Yettel store and return your old smartphone for a voucher for a future purchase.
  2. The store employee evaluates your phone according to predefined criteria such as: brand, model, year of manufacture and condition.
  3. After the evaluation, you receive an offer with a price to buy the device. If you agree to this offer and sign all the necessary documents, you get electronic voucher as SMS.
  4. The voucher has a unique code with the remaining value of your smartphone.
  5. You can use the voucher on a cash purchase or lease of a new device or accessory at a Yettel store.


The proposed purchase price of the devices represents the maximum for the specified model in view of the specific condition of the returned device, according to the terms of service. When returning more than one device, vouchers cannot be combined unless otherwise specified in the terms of a specific campaign.

The purchase price of a device may vary according to its total condition. See what it depends on and how it changes:

A working device

The device is in overall good condition. It is acceptable to have deep scratches and look worn. A device with broken or missing parts is not accepted.

0% discount from the price

Physical damage to the device

The device has damage such as broken/cracked screen glass, but the display itself should work. The device has cracks/breaks on the case, buttons that don't work well that require extra force to press, speaker or microphone problems, missing or loose parts of the screen.

-35% discount from the price

Issues with the display

Broken screen, touch screen, severe discoloration, burns or dots on the screen.

-70% discount from the price

With no power supply

The device does not turn on or displays an error when reset/restore, the built-in internal battery does not charge, the charging port does not work or is defective.

-90% disount from the price

Cloud lock

iCloud in the case of an Apple device is active and the customer is not signed out of their account.

-90% discount from the price
  • Anyone can return a device and get its residual value under voucher format. There is no obligation to be a Yettel customer. Anyone with a Return and Collect voucher can use it when purchasing a new device from Yettel. The only condition for using the service is that the client is an adult and not under guardianship.
  • Not all devices have residual value. The reasons can be both mechanical and depending on its current market value, make and year of manufacture. If desired by the customer, a device with no residual value can also be returned to be recycled.
  • Each Return and Collect voucher can only be used on a new device purchase on its own. Different vouchers cannot be combined, unless otherwise stated in the terms of the specific campaign.
  • Each Return and Collect voucher is valid for 1 year, unless the voucher in question is tied to a specific campaign and has a different validity period.
  • The Return and Collect Voucher is not personal and may be made available for use by a person other than the person who entered into the device purchase transaction against which it was issued.
  • The value of a Return and Collect voucher cannot be redeemed in parts. One voucher is used in full on the purchase of one device or accessory.
  • If there is an unspent voucher amount after a purchase with a "Return and collect" voucher, the remaining voucher amount cannot be used for another purchase and is lost.

Additional information:

Remaining amount

Residual value is the value that a device has retained and for which the device can be redeemed. The residual value depends on the year of manufacture, make, model and its condition at the time of purchase. Certain devices may have no residual value – ie. their residual value is equal to zero.

A voucher with the value of your old device

Through the service, the residual value of a given device by means of an electronic voucher is sent to a mobile phone number specified by the customer. The value of the e-Voucher can only be used in the Yettel store network for a one-time purchase or lease of new goods up to the value of the voucher. This is done by providing the unique voucher identification code within the term and conditions applicable to the particular voucher. Cash equivalent or residual value of the voucher amount after purchase, if any, is non-refundable.

Questions and answers

  • The discount applies to the announced device models for the current month.
  • Different vouchers cannot be combined.
  • Each discount voucher is valid for 1 month.
  • Voucher cannot be applied to device models and/or subscription plans other than those brought into focus in the current month.
  • The value of the voucher/discount cannot be used in installments. The entire voucher is used on the purchase or lease of one device that is part of the current month's campaign.

In order to take advantage of the Recycle and Save service, the customer warrants and represents that he/she is the owner of the device or that he is duly authorized by the legal owner of the device to transfer ownership of the device. If, despite the declaration provided, third parties make claims to Yettel regarding the ownership of the device, the contract is automatically terminated and the customer must reimburse Yettel for the used value of the e-voucher.

After the transmission and acceptance of the device within on the terms of the Recycle and Save service, ownership of the device is transferred from the customer to Yettel. The customer waives any future claims with respect to the device.

Customer agrees that it is fully responsible for creating a backup copy of: files, games, photos, music, data and personal information before transferring ownership of the device. The customer must declare that he has taken the necessary actions to remove and delete the any data that is personal or confidential from the device or its associated cloud services.

A customer who takes advantage of the "Recycle and save' is responsible for erasing and removing any personal data from the device, SIM card and other memory cards. Yettel is not responsible for the customer's failure to exercise due care regarding the deletion of personal data on the device.

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