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Accelerating technology for a sustainable future

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Accelerating technology for a sustainable future

We strive to provide products and services that help our customers achieve a balanced life through the use of technology. In order to achieve this, we continue investing into our network and making it accessible to all. We promote digital education across society through a wide range of means. Additionally, we develop smart solutions that benefit people and the environment.

Our goals:

of the population in Bulgaria will be covered our 5G network by the end of 2026

children will be reached on the topic of online safety each year

innovative digital solution per year

How are we going to achieve our goals:

An Even Better Network

Investment into network development and innovative products and services is ongoing and will deliver reliable, safe and high-quality connection for everyone

Educational Campaigns

We want to promote the development of digital skills and literacy, and spread awareness about the potential threats that new technology may pose. We will do that through a wide range of means such as educational campaigns, offering advice, information, and training to those that feel vulnerable or in need of assistance to minimise online threats. See more

Investments and Innovations

We will invest in research and development of innovative products, solutions, and projects which use digital technologies to tackle environmental and social needs.

Online Protect

We continuously work for improving our personal data protection practices and increasing the resilience of our networks against cyber-attacks and cyber frauds, mostly investing in constant improvement of our cyber resilience and capabilities to respond to existing and newly emerging threats in both IT and Telecom domains.