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Putting people at the centre of everything we do

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Putting people at the centre of everything we do

At Yettel we believe that if we want to change the world, we should be surrounded by likeminded people. We aim to empower our colleagues by creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment where everyone can be themselves and make an impact. To spread the sustainability spirit outside of the organisation, оur employees engage in different volunteering initiatives related to the environment and the society. Focusing on our customers, we acknowledge the growing need of the society to learn more about the sustainable way of living and, for this very reason, we create campaigns to raise awareness on various sustainability topics

Our goals:

female representation in technology roles by 2028

people reached annually through campaigns on sustainable living

working hours per year dedicated to community service

How are we going to achieve our goals:

Inclusion and Diversity Programs:

We will create various inclusion and diversity programs, that will serve as platforms for women to engage in the technology field.

Raising Awareness:

Recognising that the sustainability practices are not well-known has motivated us to set a target focusing on raising awareness among the society. In this way we hope that we can inspired positive changes in people’s behaviour.

Volunteering Iniatives:

We will partner with organisations who play an active role in driving impactful initiatives which protect the environment or support different social causes in Bulgaria. Through those partnerships, we will engage our employees and motivate them to ‘donate’ their work time to a good cause.

ISO 45001:2018

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is a key priority for our company. The ISO 45001:2028 certificate and our Operational Health and Safety System are a testimonial that the company applies the local legislation, the requirements defined by the Standard and the corporate policies and procedure in the relevant area, as well as implements best practices regarding health and safety at work.

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