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Детски часовник MyKi Touch

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Детски часовник MyKi Touch

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Детски часовник MyKi Touch

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Detailed summary

Stay calm while your child adventures with MyKi Touch

You go to a kid’s party. Or to a restaurant. Or to the Mall. With your child. And want to relax for at least a few minutes. And do you know what? Your child wants the same. To take a walk, to look around, to get a little wild, to adventure.

MyKi Touch is a kid’s smart watch that also works as a GPS tracker and is a great help for parents with little children. With its MyKi Touch your child will grow beyond your direct parental control, and in the same time you will know where the kid is. MyKi Touch detects the child’s current location both indoors and outdoors and sends the data to the MyKi Touch App installed on your smartphone.

To pair the watch with your smartphone you need to download and activate The Myki Watch App for free through the Google App Store and register in it with a 10-digit serial number of the devise.

Touchscreen and easy-to-use interface for instant connection with mom and dad

The MyKi Touch has a colorful and touch-sensitive 1,22-inch screen with a 240x240 DPI resolution and 2 speed-dial icons for instant connection with Mom and Dad.Children from 4 to 12 years old have taken part in the creation of MyKi Touch to ensure that small and not so small kids will like it and enjoy it easily. And to avoid getting in uncomfortable situations for your child, MyKi Touch can be set to vibration mode.


With MyKi Touch your child can make calls to a total of 20 numbers – Mum and Dad plus 18 other numbers added by you in the phonebook of the device. With the built-in microphone and speaker your child can make calls and record voice messages, which you can listen later in the MyKi Watch application chat.

SOS button

If your child presses this button, the child watch MyKi Touch starts consecutively dialing the 2 emergency phone numbers pre-set by you through the MyKi Touch App./p>

Safe Wi-Fi zone

The MyKi Touch Watch works with a precise Wi-Fi technology, that allows you to add and save a Safe Wi-Fi zone in the app. Once you do that, MyKi Touch starts to detect a local Wi-Fi network, selected by you. It’s not necessary to know the password of this Wi-Fi network. In case your child leaves this Safe Wi-Fi zone you will be notified with SMS. This technology is also suitable for monitoring the location of the child indoors.


MyKi Touch provides outdoors GPS localization through 24 satellites. The 24-channels GPS module greatly improves the detection of your child’s exact location at any time. Your child can be localized accurately indoors too - and in the building if Wi-Fi is available.


Through the MyKi Watch application chat your child can communicate with you by sending and receiving voice or text messages.

Proximity sensor

Your child may get bored of carrying its MyKi Touch and take it off. If this really happens, you will be instantly informed via SMS or notification, thanks to the integrated proximity sensor.

Connection with the relatives

MyKi Touch enables your child to connect with relatives if needed. In the extended Phone book of the watch you can add up to 10 phone numbers, that can call to your child and up to 20 numbers /Mum and dad plus 18 indicated by the parent /that the child can call.

No more scary nights

Most kids are afraid of the dark. What about your kid? With the new child watch MyKi Touch the fear of the dark disappears, because actually the darkness disappears. The devise comes with lighted USB charging cable that will distract your child’s fears at night. And charging happens both - in the power grid and computer.

The Myki Watch mobile application is not provided by Yettel, but by a third person - Alterco Roboticx EOOD.
In relation to this, Yettel is not responsible for the availability of the application and the information stored therein, the functions or content of or in the application.
Yettel Bulgaria is not responsible and cannot control the changes in the application and the introduction of new or removal of existing functionalities in it and others.
When registering in the Myki Watch mobile application, the client should accept the general terms and conditions of Alterco Robotix EOOD.
To use the MyKi Watch mobile application and the MyKi watch, SIM card and internet connectivity is required on the device on which the Myki Watch application is installed and on the MyKi watch itself.

Детски часовници

Colorful Capacitive Touchscreen Display

1,22” Colorful touch-sensitive screen
High resolution 240 х 240 pixels
Bright and saturated colors

Innovative interface

Intuitive and easy to use regardless of the age of the child.

Wi-Fi & LBS localization indoors

In case your child is in a Wi-Fi area, it will be located accurately in the building itself.

2 safety zones for the child and a new fast and precise security zone

Thanks to the Wi-Fi technology, you can create a Quick safe zone.
If your child leaves a specified perimeter, you will immediately get a message about that.
It's also enough to specify which Wi-Fi network the watch to use and you do not even need to know the password for that network.


The MyKi watch stores information about the movement of the clock and the calls to and from it, so that if the connection to the server is unexpectedly lost, it will be able to update it once it has been restored.

Speaker and microphone

Through the microphone, camera, and speaker of the GPS / GSM watch, the child can make voice and video calls as well as record voice and/or video messages which can be sent to the parent through the MyKi Touch chat via the app installed on the parent's smartphone.

Micro USB

The slot is used to charge the MyKi watch. Charging the device can be done both through the power supply and the computer.

Important: All MyKi kids watches, purchased in-store or online from Yettel, have a Yettel network card(SIM) inserted in them. The card is inactive and is free of charge. It is activated only if the watch is purchased with a subscription plan included.


The stated leasing prices are per month upon signing of a 24-month leasing contract and upon signing a contract for mobile services with plans Junior 12.99 for the same term.
These monthly lease payments do not include a monthly subscription for the plan.
It is possible to purchase a MyKi watch in cash at a preferential price when signing a contract for plans Junior 12.99 .
The MyKi watch can be purchased without a contract for mobile services at the stated price without a plan included.
If there is a discrepancy between the price listed in the Price section and the one quoted in any Yettel store, the price announced in the store has an advantage. This rule does not apply to products purchased through Buy Online.
Offers are valid until stocks are exhausted.
The device has a 2 year warranty in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.
All prices are in BGN with VAT included.